2023 Election Overview

We have MANY victories to celebrate after the 2023 Municipal Election here in Carbon County! Many voters were determined to get their candidates elected because they understood what was really at stake in this election cycle. Unfortunately, with every upside, there is a downside. While we did have county victories, we have to acknowledge the defeats we suffered as a party statewide. We were out-voted, out-spent and out-talked across Pennsylvania in this election. We, Carbon County Republicans, need to ensure we keep the majority here and expand our reach to non-voting Republicans. We should not take for granted that we are typically red, with less than 38% of voters actually turning out, it’s really anyone’s game on an election day.

Republicans, although divided at times, share the same core beliefs and we need to up our game, TOGETHER! We need to remember how the system works, that means hashing out our differences in the primaries and UNITING for the November Election, regardless of how the cards fall. Many voters fail to realize the importance of a primary election and often bring their frustrations with them into November. The power of who’s on the November ballot truly lies with each registered voter during the candidate signature collecting period and at the polls during the primaries.

As Republicans, we ALL need to reach out and get more people involved and interested in ALL elections! The opposition uses fear and trigger topics, like abortion, as a tactic to get their voters to vote… and guess what… it works! We need to use FACTS, LOGIC and COMMON SENSE to reach more people and to get them involved. We need to reach across county lines and help our fellow Republicans realize they need to exercise their right to vote in each and every election. This could mean discussing upcoming elections at work, with your neighbors or while out shopping. While many voters are opposed to the use of mail-in ballots, this can be a useful tool, especially for those that typically don’t vote in every election. The left’s strategic use of mail-in ballots help them secure massive victories, year after year. No longer do you have a single member voting in a democrat family, with the use of mail-in voting, everyone in that family now votes. The responsibility to get every Republican to vote falls on ALL of us, especially when we seen what happened with this most recent election. An extra 2k – 4k votes in each county could have swayed some of the judicial races.

Many people became more involved with politics when DJT came out in 2016. For us, whether you like or hate him, we need to listen to his messages. He tells voters to get more involved locally and he stresses the IMPORTANCE of every election, every seat and every vote! We can’t continue showing up every 4 years to vote and expect change to happen. We need to start making that change happen year after year, election after election, until we have our state back!

We posed a few questions on our social media accounts looking for feedback from Republicans of Carbon County and would like to do the same here. What was the number one reason you heard on why someone didn’t vote in this election cycle? What do you think can be improved? What do you think worked best? Please let us know at http://carbongop.com/contact/

While we may share different views and opinions at times, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Let’s UNITE and start making RED WAVES happen every year!

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