Most recently our committee took on a project meant to bring awareness and increase Republican voter turnout in the 2023 Municipal Election. 

From a list of names, provided by the PA GOP, we mailed out letters and mail-in ballot applications to approximately 4,900 Carbon County Republican Voters. Those on the list may have moved recently, be in the military or college, have lived outside the county for a duration of time, or may not have voted in the last four elections.

We hope to instill confidence to the voters of Carbon County and make it easier for them to overcome obstacles like illness, employment and school that may be keeping them from voting.

The deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot is October 31, 2023. If anyone needs more information on mail-in ballot application please reach out or visit

We must ensure every voter makes their voice heard this November.  Remember UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.