The MUNICIPAL ELECTION is this November 7th, 2023, get ready for yard signs galore.  But did you know that voter turnout for these elections are dramatically lower than that of a Presidential Election?  Many voters shirk their patriotic duty and fail to realize how vital casting a ballot in this and every election truly is.

The first significant part of this Municipal Election is understanding that this is when we get to elect our Judges. Every Pennsylvanian has and will be directly affected by the decisions of these courts.  Take election fraud or PA’s Act 77 for example.  How did the court play a vital role with each of these instances (read more)?   Choosing JUDGES that uphold the constitution and remember their oaths this November can be the stepping stone to getting Pennsylvania back on track!  (learn more – PA Court Structure)

The second significant part of this election are the numerous county and local level seats up.  Consider for a moment the school board races.  How many people have become frustrated with the current state of their school district, directors and/or boards in this post-covid era?  How do we secure a better educational experience for our children in the future years to come? Researching and electing the right candidates this November can again put our schools back on track from the mess that’s been created.  (google headlines)

Each election has significant aspects that play a vital role in a bigger picture.  Many people “…want change” or to “…save Pennsylvania” but in order to do this, we must first build a strong foundation.  Turning out to vote in this and every election, whether by mail or in person, is the first step toward this goal!  Next year we have our Presidential Election.  Voting for our Republican Candidates in this Municipal Election, and pushing them over the finish line, will start laying that foundation needed for the next election cycle.

Please share this with anyone who needs a reminder of the importance of voting this November 7th. Also, visit our election page for a list of our county’s candidates and information.