CarbonGOP Update: Canceled Meeting, Office Closure, Mail-In Ballots, and Stay Well

Hello All.

It seems like since we spoke five days ago the world started spinning backwards. I hope you and your families are all well.


First, our monthly meeting for Thursday will be canceled in keeping with the health crisis gripping our nation. It is in the best interest of our committee and our neighbors and friends.


Next, I have made the decision to close our campaign office on Blakeslee Boulevard for two weeks. It’s also in the best interest of our friends and neighbors and relatives that may be inclined to visit when circumstances are not favorable. I will continue to send along news of any nature and take care of any unforeseen emergencies that I can.


Lastly, even before this incident reached this proportion we were being asked to encourage as many voters as possible to use a Mail-In Ballot to vote. Since voting is very important to me, I have filed for a Mail-In Ballot also. The ballots will be mailed out to voters no later than April 14. If I am sick, I will not need to go to my precinct to vote; I have already voted. And if you do the same, it will help us keep our poll workers from being exposed to unnecessary illness. Some people take precautions, and some do not. If you want a Mail-In Ballot application, contact me and I will mail it to you. It is as simple as filing a voter’s registration.


Meanwhile, stay well. Follow the directions of our President. Follow sanitary cleanliness habits. Avoid crowds. Hunker down. And we will beat it together. God Bless You!!!!! And God Bless America!!!!!